The more precise you are with your request, the more precise the universe will be with your delivery.

Last updated: March 3, 2022

When we are not specific enough with the things we ask from life, we often don't see that life is actually fulfilling our request. When we don't break this cycle, we keep asking the same question over and over without recognizing we have already been answered a thousand times.

When we don't recognize what has been reflected back to us as the answer we need, it's because the idea we have about what will make us happy is out of alignment with what will actually make us grow in that direction. In this condition, we see the very thing that is here to help us as a problem we need to get rid of.

Becoming better at paying attention to what we are actually asking for and recognizing whatever comes our way as a help and not a punishment, is the key to working with life instead of against it.

Nik Jones
Hi i’m Nik Jones! My mission is to help people find back to their natural peaceful state in order to access their inner strength and live a life without resistance.