Hi there. I'm Nik Jones.

I have created this website with the purpose of sharing my experiences and knowledge on personal growth. Everything you will find on this website is a reflection of what I have learned so far on my own journey of becoming the best version of me.

My hope is to help other people move forward in their lives by making others prioritize their own health before anything else. Because of what I have experienced on my own journey I know how much of a difference I can make to expand one's self-awareness.

I myself had a very hard time finding the right kind of information that I needed to make my own transformation. When I finally felt I had the information that I needed to move forward, I was still struggling to implement the changes I wanted, into my life.

What has made this process easier for me and has helped me move on, is to directly seek the truth about what is creating how I experience my reality. Many of the things I learned from this were things I already knew but just didn't see clearly enough. And this shift was what made all the difference for me.

My highest aim with this website is to make others see the same things as I now see and is helping me live a better life every day, as clearly as I see them. It's is a challenge to do so, because, it is something that must be directly experienced to be fully understood. But I will do the best that I can to line it out.


Thank you for reading.