A problem is neither a situation nor an obstacle. It's a feeling. If you calm the feeling, the problem becomes manageable or even ceases to exist.

Last updated: February 25, 2022

A problem emerges when something comes between where we currently are and where we want to be. To what degree we are held back from fulfilling our desire and how big the desire is, determines the size of our problem.

The more we perceive there is at stake and the more complicated or hopeless we see the situation, the harder it becomes to keep our mind calm. And as a result, we naturally begin to act from a level of fear. And as you may have noticed, this is often not the best place to deal with life.

When we fail to notice that it isn't directly the situation we are reacting to but our own response to what we perceive, we tend to make things look worse than they really are or even invent obstacles that don't really exist beyond our own imagination.

Identifying this pattern sufficiently and learning to deal with it directly through calming the mind, is one of the best ways to face life with less resistance and thereby more joy.

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Nik Jones
Hi i’m Nik Jones! My mission is to help people find back to their natural peaceful state in order to access their inner strength and live a life without resistance.